Monday, June 9, 2008


I am writing this knowing that some of you might be upset that I find humor in this and then there are others that will find humor in it with me. For those that might be offended....PLEASE skip reading this post.

Sitting here this evening, I was thinking....'what if I wanted to buy a toy of Jesus.' I mean really. We give our kids action figures and Hannah Montana dolls, why not give them something that might help connect the figure of Jesus.

Well....Google is a wonderful thing. Ask for images of 'Jesus toys' and you come up with 565,000 choices. I will comment that in looking at the pictures, it appears that they may get confused on who Jesus is against other characters like: Moses, Sampson and something called God Jesus.

The options are limitless if you want to start a new trend. Maybe if Christians came together, we could force bobble head Jesus to be the new Tickle Me Elmo this Christmas Season. Think about it...

What did you get on Christmas, the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus? JESUS!!!

Here's some of my favorites!


Super Rog said...

You are a very odd person. I just wish you had single sister.

meesheath said...

there's a whole series of biblical action figures out there...i saw them on tv, but then i saw them at wal-mart

The Tylers said...

I am COMPLETELY offended...just kidding. That is pretty funny. i can picture Thomas playing with Jesus now and making Jesus do all the crazy things he makes his other toys drink milk, brush his teeth, and dance on the kitchen table.

Lindsay said...

thats hysterical.i do love google. I totally need to get Roman a toy Jesus. The only thing is: you would want then to treat it with a particular reverence that I just dont think a three year old could handle..I mean I don't think I could handle him running "toy Jesus" over with his dump truck..