Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Missions in Your Own Backyard

Do you know how much I love my job? Let me tell you...I thank God every day that I he has given me the opportunity to serve him in full time ministry. I know...pretty funny after a post like yesterday. Anyhow, I wanted to share a story and ask for prayer from those of you that might peruse this fine website.

Today I had the opportunity to get to know a Hispanic family that has been coming to the Dream Center for clothes and food for the past few months, a mother, Isabel, and her adult daughter, Maria.

They invited me back to their house today to help with some questions on paper work and a law suite that was filed for Isabel. Isabel had cancer in her uterus and had surgery to remove the cancer some time ago. During the surgery, they damaged her bladder and she now has to control as to when she goes to the bathroom. Truly a sad story. They are now trying to work with the hospital to get it repaired, but they are having problems and a lawyer has assisted in handling the case pro bono to see if the hospital will either make the situation right or provide monetary settlement to cover a repair surgery elsewhere.

They filed this suite in February and hadn't heard anything back from the law office as to an update. I called today and provided them with some feedback.

My prayer in this situation is that God would provide healing for Isabel and I ask you all to join me in this prayer. That He will provide a way where there doesn't seem to be one right now. They are a lovely family and fellow sisters in Christ.

Thank you my dear friends!

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