Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Word on the Streets

At Open House today at the Dream Center, I had a little lesson in street talk from some of the girls. In case you're interested and over the age of 25, here's the new lingo:
  • that's wack - that is really messed up
  • that's raw - that is really cool, awesome, off the hook, dope, fly. If you are using any of the ones describing the definition, you are considered a nerd.
  • you sicknin' - you are really getting on my nerves
  • mr. & mrs. bob - a.k.a. the police.
It was pretty funny to compare what we used to use to today's lingo and I choose to find comfort that I am passed the age of caring to catch up with the times. To all you RAW peeps out there, I'm outie-5-0!


The Delaney Family said...

Okay, I am 25...but I still didn't know any of those new terms. I guess I'm old before my time. :)

Super Rog said...

You forgot:
23 Skidoo
Far Out
Cat's Meow

And then the one that I hear from ALL THE LADIES:

Get out of here before I call the cops.

The Stuckey Family: said...

Mr. & Mrs. Bob? They couldn't come up with something better than that? That's whack!