Saturday, May 3, 2008

All in One Week

So you've checked the blog several times this week and you are thinking, "Why hasn't Amie updated her blog? I LOVE READING IT!" I appreciate the flattery and interest in my life. The reason that I haven't has been one crazy week. Here's the run down:

Monday: 5+ hours to Atlanta in a minivan with some of the coolest children's ministry peeps in the world. The plus is because of the need to stop more than we were ever allowed to as kids.

Tuesday: Full day of Orange in Atlanta learning from incredible teachers about reaching children and success in today's environment. It is amazing to see the work that God does through the body of Christ and I hope to blog more about that later. The night ended with an unforgettable dinner at Pappasito's.
If you are interested about what happened, ask me!

Wednesday: Another day at Orange and confirmation that God has me exactly where He wants me right now. I gained some incredible insight on parenting skills and realized that unless the parents are involved, it will remain an uphill battle. The average kid will see their leaders in church 40 hours/year. A parent spends over 3,000 hours with their children!
(5+ hours back in the minivan)

Thursday: Back at the Dream Center and loving on God's people. We had a slow day, but it gave me time to get caught up in my weekly responsibilities and get set for a busy weekend.

Friday: No day off this Friday! I got curriculum ready for the weekend and had a great lunch with a sister in Christ. We drank A LOT of ice tea...too expensive at McAllister's if you don't!

Skipped out on Small Group because I had too much church and then ended up running over to LP to greet the Greenville Missions Team and make sure they got hooked up with Anne.

Saturday: Up early, Starbuck's coffee (logo marked out) and up to the Dream Center. Seacoast Greenville
sent a youth missions team down to help in Adopt-a-Block and WE HAD A BLAST! Hit the streets of North Charleston in the A.M., enjoyed a short message and worship and then worked with their guys to clean up a yard. It was great to see the lives they touched.

Now...I am resting in the recliner and going to bed to be the church tomorrow morning! GOD BLESS!


The Tylers said...

Amie, you are one busy lady! I am glad you had a good week and I am always amazed at how on top of things you are. I think Oliver should rub your back AND your feet tonight!

Super Rog said...

So what happened? And why didn't you just go see my mom in Loganville instead of going out to eat?

Super Rog said...

Did they have anything about Special Needs Kids?

BigRedHead said...

They didn't have anything specifically for special needs kids, but I met plenty of people to have as resources. As for the big event at dinner, next time I see you I WILL fill you in.