Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Swimming Infants

A friend and sister in Christ shot me a note with this amazing website from a clip she saw the Today Show.

Watching it brought back so many memories of growing up in Ohio, where my grandparents had a pool. I think my grandma could have helped develop this technique. I remember when my brother was just barely walking. Our grandma taught him how to float and swim, as she had with each one of her grandchildren. We all swam before we were 2 years old. It made for summers full of family fun and priceless memories.

The ISR doesn't have any instructors here in the Charleston area, but there are plenty of places that offer Swim Lessons for kids. I highly recommend taking your kids to learn how to swim early and ALWAYS have adult supervision.

Thanks Kristen for sharing this! It brings tears to my eyes to watch these kids learning basic survival skills.


The Brace Family said...

me too!! key is learning to float them swim...turning them on their backs...thanks for sharing...hopefully they will be here.

The Tylers said...

That is awesome!