Sunday, May 4, 2008

What You Learn at Church

Up early in the morning and off to church! Our fearless leaders in Elementary left me for some weird ceremony called a 'hooding' always the team stepped up. Thanks to the rest of the team, I had the opportunity to help out in Elementary. I teamed up with an AMAZING couple to hold the fort down and our high school worship group provided live worship for our Elementary kids.


I know I have posted before that the kids in elementary 'get it', but
it was over the top to see the next generation stepping in and leading their next generation. It is humbling to know that God is a God that stays constant through the generations.

The best...I got to step in as small group leader for our lower elementary girls. They shared some prayer requests that break your heart. Not that they are bad, it is just that they get who Jesus is and I well up with tears every time they share their faith. After we were done with small group, we had some time because service was a little long, SOOOOO....we cat walked to worship music! It was a blast! When they grow up as Christian Super Models on catwalks with praise and worship music leading the'll know where it started!

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The Delaney Family said...

Only you would have kids struttin' their stuff to worship music! That's awesome!