Friday, February 20, 2009

Amie Needs...

So one of my friends is calling me a slogger and I agree. I have been slack on the blog. I'll blame it on Facebook and the fact that gave my camera to my sister-in-law to borrow, so I haven't taken any cool pictures to post either. of things on Facebook that is popular right now is this: go to Google and put in the search in parenthesis 'YOUR NAME needs'. For me, it's pretty darn funny:

Amie needs:
  • beer and juicy pictures from hurricanes
  • help
  • numbers
  • a tissue
  • to know about music
  • to buy the following supplies for her trip: camera, journal, compass and hiking boots (didn't know I was going to take a trip)
Last, but not least (and I am not kidding)...NO INTRODUCTION!!!

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