Monday, February 23, 2009

Bigger Than You Can Imagine

If you go to Seacoast, then you hear it every weekend:

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ALL we can ask or imagine...

It comes from Ephesians 3:20 and tells us of the power of God, but how often do we think about it? His fingerprints are everywhere!

I had one of those moments tonight that you rarely get to experience. I was calling some of the peeps in North Chuck that said they wanted to help volunteer. I am always encouraged by how people are moved to serve our Father in Heaven. Anyways...I come to the last call of the evening and reach JoAnn. I know right away that my silly, sarcastic sense of humor will fly, so I let her rip! We are laughing like old friends within minutes.

She walked into Seacoast North Chuck for the first time this past weekend with her family. How she got there is the cool part!

She was eating with her family at Adolini's in North Chuck on a Sunday afternoon and saw a group eating with Dream Center shirts on. They had been church shopping and just hadn't found the right fit. They were looking for a culturally and social economically diverse church. When they saw the Dream Center, it reminded her of a friend that preached at the L.A.Dream Center there and wondered whether it was the same thing. Searched the internet and found Seacoast. First thought: this isn't the church we were expecting to find, but then saw what we were doing in North Chuck with Adopt-a-Block and all.

This weekend they found their new church home at the Dream Center. The cool part for me...guess who the peeps were chowing down on pepperoni pizza! Yep...some of our friends and us! Who would have ever guessed that God would use that to bring people to the Dream Center? All I was doing was enjoying a pizza with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!