Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Burger...Beautiful Sunset

Wonder where to get a good burger in Charleston? I can suggest a couple of places, but my FAVORITE is out on Sullivan's Island. It is a place called Poe's, named after Edgar Allen Poe. After a brief stint at the University of Virginia, Poe enlisted in the Army under the pseudonym Edgar Allan Perry and was stationed at Fort Moultrie at the western end of Sullivan's Island for 13 months beginning November 18, 1827. His time on the island inspired "The Gold Bug", a story about a mystical beetle that led to buried treasure.

The only hidden treasure that I have found out there is the Pit and Pendulum. It is a burger, cooked to liking, with applewood bacon and cheddar cheese.

On this particular day, the sunset was the real treasure, with pics from the Blackberry.

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