Monday, April 14, 2008

Kid's Know How to Worship God

Sundays always re-energize me! I mean ALWAYS!

I can start so many places: the parents' smiles as they drop off their kids, the little hands that provide an unforgettable hug, the volunteers that are faithful every Sunday in sharing the love of Christ with kids, the worship team that rocks the house.

This week, our Elementary Kids pushed me over the edge. They were lead in worship by one of our high school volunteers and 4 of their peers (who all R.O.C.K.!!!). I had the privilege to step in while they were in the middle of worship. I don't remember the first song, but I know it was crazy! The kids were all dancing and celebrating a joyous God. The second song (a personal favorite) was Get Down. I feel like I get a work out every time we sing this song. On this Sunday, it was really INCREDIBLE. I was 'lifted up' both physically and spiritually. I watched 26 kids jump up in all types of individual styles and 6 volunteers free style, including a grandma and preggo mom, as they worshiped Our Almighty Father!

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